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Due to the need of application of an element 3I-NE, in the scheme of dumping of counters, and for reduction of number of cases of chips and as a result of energy consumption reduction, it is expedient to use the same elements (3I-N in the scheme FLU+TsA. Therefore function (3 realizuyem on 3 elements 3-I-NE and two inverters. The function chart is given in drawing

On entrances of chips of DA1 – DA3 is necessary a source of basic tension on 12 V. Istochnik for providing a task of thresholds of the corresponding tension of basic tension has to provide loading current equal 0,008 A.

Resistive-capacitive loading of the rectifier is created for smoothing of a curve of the straightened tension. Turning on of the condenser parallel to loading changes an operating mode of the rectifier in comparison with work at purely active loading.

The DD3 element (3I – the N is a part of a chip of K561LA9 applied in the scheme FLU and the power of this element is already considered. It follows from this that the power consumed by the scheme of zeroing will be defined only by the power consumed by R26 and R27 resistors:

Special decoders are intended for transformation of a binary code to a seven-segment code and controls of semiconductor seven-segment and liquid crystal indicators. Let's consider the K176ID2 decoder (figure 1

The maximum instant value of the straightened tension of Udmax it is possible to accept on 1,5-2 B smaller, than amplitude U2m value, having considered power failure on the open diode and on the active resistance of windings of the transformer. At a choice of numerical Udmin value it is necessary to consider that Udmin has to be 25-30% more, than the demanded supply voltage of the electronic scheme at the minimum tension of a power line specified in a task.

R26 for elements of KMOP-series choose to (10 kOhm. Time of "zeroing" τ should not be chosen big as it will result in need of a choice of the high-capacity condenser. Time should not exceed value of 0,001 pages. Let's choose τ = 110-4 (sec.), and R26 resistor resistance = 510 (Ohms).

Fast expansion of scopes of electronic devices one of features modern scientifically – technical progress. This process is connected with introduction of integrated chips in actuation devices. Application of integrated chips allowed to improve and create new methods of design, a konstruktirovaniye and production of the radio-electronic equipment of different function. Use of digital microelectronics in various areas considerably simplified control of various processes and increased quality of the let-out products.

The active level defining process of "zeroing" of the counter is high. For manual control by dumping we use the S2 button connected to the power supply  plug. R27 resistance for KMOP-series we will choose equal 4,7 kOhm. The increased values of resistance for KMOP-series are not recommended because of a condition of deterioration of switching by the S2 button of small currents.

It is necessary to provide automatic "zeroing" of the counter of subjects when giving supply voltage on the sorting device, and also "zeroing" at the command of the service personnel (manual management.

At Ud  Udmin, the positive threshold Udmin level on the inverting entrance of DA1 defines zero level of an exit of X1. The positive tension of Udmax acts on not inverting entrance of DA2 and at the exit of X1 single level is formed.

For straightening of the received tension on secondary windings of the TV transformer it is applicable the bridge scheme of the rectifier with a conclusion of a zero point of the transformer (figure 1, receiving, necessary at realization, two heteropolar rather zero point of tension.

The most legible, the ALS321A indicator with the general cathode is. Sign height at this indicator of 7,5 mm, color of a luminescence the flavovirent. Current of consumption of each segment is equal 0,02 (supply voltage of one segment 3,6 (

At a transmission of direct current through a light-emitting diode the strip (segment) starts radiating light of red, green or flavovirent color. A certain combination of the shining segments displays figure or a letter and at use of special decoders possibility of a conclusion of the digital and alphabetic information reflecting a condition of managing directors and computers is created.