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During the developing and implementation of anti-recessionary programs it is important to attention to increase of their efficiency, i.e. the best the allocated resources. Criterion of efficiency - the relation of a of the net income of the enterprise gained due to investment of the program to the volume of investment. As an indicator of efficiency also the payback period of investments can serve.

The structure of this plan reproduced the production program of the enterprise, known since system of managing. The plan provided the nomenclature of production and volumes of product sales, reproduction of fixed assets, a in resources on the production program, including labor and a salary. The need for investments was defined out of its communication with production economic activity. Remained necessary to realize the plan in the conditions of dismantle of old system of a and management, absence at the enterprise of free money. In the provided list of actions for restoration of solvency and support of effective economic activity of a measure for overcoming of crisis were not always effective.

The restructuring directed on increase of efficiency of a and ensuring competitiveness of the enterprise can be also carried out on the basis of allocation of separate divisions, thus that the of a product, technological processes, directly production, marketing and sale can be functions in one of them supply. Process of allocation of division or part of the enterprise in the separate companies includes the assets which are subject to office, obligations and the personnel, and also their actual alienation. Shareholders as a result receive shares of the educated company in proportion to their investments into business.

approved programs of actions for transfer of objects of the sphere AMO ZIL in property of Moscow and deliveries of its automotive vehicles for needs of municipal economy, and also the plan of measures on its information and advertizing support.

The analysis supplemented by forecasting of prospect helps a to define structure, volumes and sources of the resources necessary for unprofitability elimination. To obtain more extensive data on resource requirements of the program and sources of their satisfaction, development of the actions conducting to achievement of goals is required.

One of options, the most suitable for conditions of the company, the holding is. It usually the group of companies or subsidiaries operating within the parent company which holds stocks of these enterprises.

Production of weak and competitive production can ­ in other business unit, which main goal - finishing it to a viable state at decrease in costs with the subsequent for competitive level. From the told the principles of division into business units are accurately visible: different markets and ; different technical, technological and financial condition of production; different degree of competitiveness of and goods; different degree of investment appeal; different level of quality of production.

introductions of the differentiated tariffs for transportation of goods railway transport. One — on the regular transportations caused by the developed production technology and a of goods; others — on single transportation of goods in connection with a of generally investment processes;

As anti-recessionary ­ the companies it is not enough scientific and practical development, it is the share ­ of general provisions of methodology of a program goals management, a technique of formation of target federal programs, and also experience of restructuring of the industrial enterprises. At the same time at an of structure of the program, the actions included in it,, resource sources and ways of management of its development and realization it must be kept in mind specifics of branch.

Only some methodological approaches to a of decline in production, its insolvency and unprofitability for so effective practical use the instrument of crisis management as programs of restructuring and financial improvement of are required scientific researches are considered. First of all it is necessary; a standard technique of formation of programs of restructuring of the unprofitable enterprises in various branches of economy.