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Introduction and development of crop rotations provides carrying out organizational and economic, agrotechnical and land management actions according to a long-term plan of development of economy and its specialization. On the width, depth and a variety of action on page - x. plants, biological communities and the soil the crop rotation has not equal among agrotechnical actions.

Today improvement of an agrotechnology – one of the main directions in realization of a food programme countrywide and specifically, in the East Siberian economic region. The main thing composed for the solution of this problem – increase of the standard of farming, rational use of resources, decrease in losses of a crop in each link of a technological chain.

The hydrographic network of economy is presented by the rivers Kacha and Elovka. On a chemical composition river waters belong to the hydrocarbonate class with prevalence of calcium. Mineralization degree the insignificant.

Organizational production structure of management – territorial. As a part of economy there are 4 offices. In total in use – 18708 hectares, from them 15370 hectares – page x. grounds, as a part of which 11923 hectares – an arable land, 78 hectares – haymakings, 3358 hectares – pastures.

Thus, in economy all complex of processing of the soil is annually carried out, however quality leaves much to be desired, especially main preparation of the soil. The ineffective vesnovspashka has insufficient impact on improvement of water and physical, phytopathologic properties of the soil. The lack of qualitatively prepared steam sites is noted. Ploughland share in economy the also low.

Saturation of cultivated areas grain crops is in economy at the level of 36,7% that is allowed by scientific recommendations. The volume of vapors, also is in limits, admissible for a forest-steppe zone, and makes 13,8%. It is observed, commensurable with areas under grain crops saturation by long-term herbs, about 34,4% that is caused by specialization of economy. The livestock branch needs fodder grain and rough sterns. Vegetables in structure of cultivated areas occupy 1,24%. Restriction of the area under vegetable cultures is attached to the area equipped with irrigating system.