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Vernadsky always really estimated value of discoveries, their possible consequences for mankind and adhered all life of the high esthetic principles of the scientist-citizen. This relation to scientific researches, opening was shown in everything. The fine example of it is far-sighted caution of the scientist about consequences of opening of atomic energy and his concern on in what it will appear hands and to what purposes will serve in the future - to the purposes of the good and evil.

Actually there is only one sequence: the biosphere noosphere, and mechanisms, ways in space, global and regional scales can be numerous and the most various. Today transformation of the biosphere in industrial, agrarian and other purposes is carried out variously and not only as a result of technical intervention of the person. For example, the escalating number of reserved zones of Earth are an important element of the modern period of transformation of the biosphere into a noosphere. Vernadsky formulated and stated him only in the most initial form.

This condition can also be considered executed though prevalence of a geological role of the person in some cases led to serious ecological consequences. The volume of the rocks extracted from Earth depths by all mines and pits of the world now almost exceeds the average volume of the lavas and pepl which are taken out annually by all volcanoes of Earth twice.

The biosphere covers the lower part of the atmosphere, the hydrosphere and the top horizons of a lithosphere. Waste products of living beings belong to very mobile substances which move in space far beyond dwelling of organisms. Therefore it is natural that distribution of live organisms is more limited in space, than all biosphere in general.

The doctrine about a noosphere plans ways of use and development of natural powers in interests of the person, growth of productivity of a social production, rational environmental management, preservation and development of health of the population. Thus, interests of mankind formed the basis of the concept of Vernadsky.

Classical scientific representations of Vernadsky and their further development with all clarity specify in modern natural sciences that the mankind becomes more and more powerful geological force radically transforming the biosphere, a planet surface a near-earth space. But thereby the mankind takes the responsibility for continuation and regulation of many major biospheric processes and mechanisms.

When burning coal and other fuel there is a formation of carbon, nitrogen and other products. These are the collateral, unconsciously carried out processes. Also development of some species of microorganisms, accompanying activity of the person is among them.

On a global scale permission of an environmental problem in the conditions of growth of the population of the planet requires ability of the solution of global problems that in the conditions of the sovereignty of various states it seems doubtful.

In works of the last decade V. I. Vernadsky did not consider biosphere border constant. He emphasized expansion them in the past as a result of an exit of live substance to the land, emergence of long-boled vegetation, the flying insects, and is later than the flying pangolins and birds. In the course of transition to a noosphere of border of the biosphere have to extend, and the person has to leave in space. These predictions came true.

Work of the person, that is the main form of his activity, is first of all his interaction with the nature. The person shows this ability not so much as a power source or weight, how many in the form of the specific regulator exciting action of one force of nature against another. Exactly here arises and "cunning of reason" is shown.

Rhythm is a form of a peculiar pulsation of the biosphere as complete system, and rhythms as well as circulations of substances, are closed in themselves. The knowledge and the accounting of the rhythmic phenomena are necessary at rational environmental management and protection of natural resources of our planet.