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The intensification of scientific researches means in conditions implementation of the principle of a in development of science, concentration of resources of science on the directions. In conditions when expansion of all types of resources, including scientific and technical is slowed down, such concentration can demand systematic redistribution of resources between of development of science, the bigger adaptation to new conditions of the organization of science and preparation of scientific shots.

The countries of SEV in total have for the solution of this major task the largest scientific and technical developed by mechanical engineering. They have a not only independently to develop a new and technology, but also to provide their materialization in fixed assets of the production and non-productive sphere, to create thereby prerequisites for more participation in the international technological exchange.

Development of such complex agreements is actual in conditions when the countries of SEV in common priority projects of production and nauchyono-technical cooperation for the purpose of assistance to development of the priority types of production defining progress and efficiency of many branches and a national economy in general.

As A. I. Anchishkin fairly notes, economic targets and tasks form the directions of nayouchno-technical progress, more precisely, their comparative, priority. It is possible to call at least three main objective sources of formation of such. For example, than any type of a is more limited (including territorial and transport aspect of its limitation), in a bigger measure scientific and technical progress has to be concentrated by that on direct economy and on replacement of this type of a resource.

Along with ensuring interaction of member countries of SEV in the priority directions of a technical one of the most important problems of a scientific and technical consists in providing fast a of results of scientific researches and design development in production by rational distribution of production programs between partners.