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Using public transport, sometimes it is necessary to know precisely the sum for journey as, for example, the bus driver should have no small change on delivery. Sometimes it is more reasonable to stock up with the ticket for a month.

Taxes go generally on social programs. Canadians often call the social security system "system of social safety". Programs of the help are calculated on all sectors of society, especially on minor children, jobless and elderly people. Main types of the social help are:

The southwest of the Province of Quebec – specialization: mechanical engineering, nonferrous metallurgy, oil processing, chemical, pulp-and-paper, textile industry. Main industrial centers: Montreal, Quebec, Trois-Rivieres.

Huge distances, rough territories and sharp change of climatic zones were the reasons of development of civil aviation in Canada. Two major airlines, Air Canada and Canadian Airlines, form a kernel of cost of the Canadian cargo transportation and service of passengers. They also make also international transport. Five main regional companies serve other planned commercial transportations. More than 700 small airlines make unplanned transportations.

In the ancient time Canada was populated with the Indian and Eskimo tribes which came from Asia through the Bering Strait. In Canada over 240 thousand Indians, including kr, mohawks, selish, a sia, athabascans, vakash, kutena. Most of Indians lives in reservations. On the Arctic coast about 17 thousand Eskimos are settled.