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The mass belief that the civilization is also spontaneous also a pervozdanna as the nature, assimilates the person to the savage. He sees in it the forest den. It was already told about it, but it is necessary to add the told.

Europe has nothing to hope if the destiny does not pass to it the people conceiving "at height of the time", people who hear an underground rumble of history, see real life in its full growth and reject possibility of archaism and running wild. We need all experience of history not to sink into the past, and to get out of it.

This material availability and security is accompanied by the everyday — comfort and a public order. Life slides on reliable rails, and collision with something hostile and terrible is a little representable.

Fatal flaw!" Your favor will go where follows" — speak to a parrot in the Portuguese fairy tale. But unless it is impossible to do what there is a wish? The speech not that is impossible, the speech absolutely about other: everything that we can — it to do what we cannot but do, become what we cannot but become. The willfulness, unique for us — to refuse to do it, but refusal does not mean a freedom of action — we and then are not free to do that there is a wish. It not willfulness, but a free will with a negative sign — nevoly. It is possible to change the mission and to desert, but it is possible to desert, having only tired out itself to cellars of the destiny. I cannot convince everyone the reference to its own experience because I do not know this experience, but has the right to refer to that general that entered destiny of everyone. For example, on the general to all Europeans — and stronger, than their public "ideas" and "views — consciousness of that the modern European cannot but appreciate freedom. It is possible to argue which has to be this freedom, but an essence in other. Today the most double-dyed reactionary at heart understands that the European idea which the last century christened liberalism, eventually and is that immutable and inevitable, than today became, is free or involuntarily, the western person.

Though Verner Zombart's calculations are also not so known as deserve that, the mysterious fact of noticeable increase in Europeans is too obvious that on it to be late. An essence not in population figures, and in their contrast opening sudden and dizzy growth rate. In it and salt. Dizzy growth means all new and new crowds which with such acceleration are thrown up on a history surface that do not manage to become impregnated with traditional culture.