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Getting ready by viktor frankl

In labor training many pupils achieve more considerable results than in general education subjects. In this regard the child has a need for recognition. If he achieves increase of the authority, its activity increases and in other kinds of activity. And one of the main tasks of the teacher to create and direct this activity.

The floor influence of work is the second condition of development of mentality of the person expedient activity of the subject. Transforming an object of the labor, creating socially valuable products, it will transform itself(himself). For fuller use of the developing work opportunities they have to be added with activity of seniors - training and education.

Advantage of these techniques is that during their application the confusion decreases, vigilance of the examinee thanks to what he is as much as possible involved in experiment. A shortcoming - difficulty in interpretation of results.

Big requirement to the person is imposed by results of work. Thus, requirements of a subject, tools, conditions and results of work are the most important condition of development of mentality of the person in the course of work.

Work is an equivalent subject of the program of training. The truth at the majority of schools work is recently in decline. It is connected both with the general social and economic situation, and with the general development of society. In this regard labor training demands radical reorganization. Work has to assume broader function, than training of children for work on production, but not excepting it. In it I see the future of labor training.

Irresponsible tendency of the person to a projection, that is to attributing to other people of the lines, aspirations, interests exciting him is the cornerstone of these techniques. So the picture with the subjects represented on it, characters is offered to the examinee. The situation is not defined. The examinee is offered to tell that in his opinion, was before, occurs now that will be further. According to his statements it is possible to judge motives.