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For ensuring high-quality growth of the worker and generation the corresponding vital conditions and appliances, education levels and cultures, living conditions, quality of food, health care, a services sector, possibility of rest, removal of a nervous tension, in themselves have to be created. In a word, the need for quality of life increases.

1 Sociologists attached the increasing significance and communicative function of a family. It is possible to call the following components of this function: mediation of a in contact of the members with means of a mass (television, radio, periodicals), and art; influence of a family on diverse communications of the members with surrounding environment and on nature of her perception; organization of an intra family.

When forecasting the family and marriage relations to mean that the family appeared under a sight not of one, and at once several global tendencies, and our society. It is transition (we will hope, to civilized) to the market, democratization of society, an of society, increase of a personal, the increasing role of women in public life.

it is obvious that the family, as well as society in general, endures deep crisis today. Being a element of society, it gives a picture of the same contradictions which are inherent also in society in a miniature.

Leisure includes: reading, hearing and viewing of telecasts, meetings with relatives, friends and acquaintances, visit of libraries, theaters, concert halls and movie theaters, carrying out an annual, visit of parks, tourist campaigns, excursions, walks on the nature; sports activities, participation in, in carrying out holidays.